Dependency updates with Renovate

Recently I studied the Thoughtworks Technology Radar in its newest version and came upon the recommended activity of “Dependency Drift Fitness Function“, referring to the output of dependency analysis and update tools like Dependabot and Snyk. I knew Dependabot already since a while as handy tool to analyze a repo’s dependencies and create automatic pull request. The article motivated me to look into the topic for my own project. As usual I didnt want to use a SaaS solution for my personal pet projects, but use my own infrastructure. Thats where I found renovate, a handy tool for the same purpose with quite straightforward setup.

Nevertheless it took me a bit trial-and-erroring to make it work for my setup with self-hosted gitea. The renovate documentation – at least the parts I studied – didnt really describe clearly how to connect to a self-hosted tool until I found the –endpoint argument in the CLI help. In total its usage boiled down to two lines to get it running:

npm install renovate
GITHUB_COM_TOKEN=ghp_FOOBAR node .\node_modules\renovate\dist\renovate.js --platform gitea --token abcdef1234567890 --endpoint https://example.com/gitea/api/v1 --labels renovate project/git_repo

That resulted in a first pull request to setup a configuration file. I really liked the well written comment on this PR from the bot, giving details and even an outlook on next steps.

After merging the inital PR, the first “real” one was created upon executing the same script as above. As announced the PR was about lifting the version of the phpdotenv package from an old version 2.4+ to 5+. Really cool, I didnt earlier check this, it must be really old.

There was a little snag as this PR couldnt be merged by itself, as the version bump resulted in some necessary code adaptions. But that was due to syntax changes from the package itself, so nothing to blame on renovate.

As a little further step I added a renovate_runner repo with only the following Jenkinsfile to execute the script every midnight. I am looking forward to future PRs from this bot.

pipeline {
     agent any
     triggers {
     stages {
         stage("Run renovate") {
             steps {
                 sh "npm install renovate"
                 sh "GITHUB_COM_TOKEN=ghp_FOOBAR node .\node_modules\renovate\dist\renovate.js --platform gitea --token abcdef1234567890 --endpoint https://example.com/gitea/api/v1 --labels renovate project/git_repo"
     post {
         always {
             echo "One way or another, I have finished"