Remote target doesn’t support qGetTIBAddr packet

I had a weird issue today connecting via the VS Code extension Native Debug to a qemu instance. It was giving:

Visual Studio Code
Failed to attach: Remote target doesn't support qGetTIBAddr packet (from target-select remote :1234)

[Open 'launch.json'] [Cancel]

That sounded like gdb/native debug is expecting a feature qemu is not offering; however, just the day before it ran successfully – so what happened? Unfortunately and coincidentally, I did some housekeeping a few hours before, so my suspicion was that I somehow uninstalled some facilities, like Windows SDK or so. After 2 hours trying to reproduce my earlier setup, checking older versions of qemu, gdb and native debug I almost gave up, when I stumbled upon this via Google:

NOTE: If you see a failure due to "Remote target doesn't support qGetTIBAddr packet", check the GDB output to make sure
that the `.gdbinit` file was successfully loaded.

Now, of course I checked the gdb output before, but besides some warnings nothing appeared suspicious. The link made me re-check, and indeed there was this:

undefinedBFD: reopening /cygdrive/c/Users/Jakob/Documents/workspace/os-series/C:\Users\Jakob\Documents\workspace\os-series\dist\x86_64\kernel.bin: No such file or directory

That appeared new on second thought, and I removed following line from my VS Code’s launch.json

"executable": "dist/x86_64/kernel.bin",

That made it work again. At least partially, of course now the info to the executable is missing, but I have the feeling this is a minor thing to fix.

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